[Seaside] Accented characters

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at laposte.net
Wed Jul 26 05:15:18 UTC 2006

Thank you very much Philippe. There is still something I do not understand:

- What is the encoding used in WideString ? You told it is unicode, but 
what is unicode if not UTF-{8,16,32} ?
- If the web browser accept and answers in UTF-8 and if Squeak stores 
UTF-8 un bytestrings, why one need any conversion ?

In fact, my problem is I don't understand why conversions are necessary. 
Everything should be UTF-8 and no question has to be asked.

Thank you

Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> If I understand correctly your code, your WAKomEncoded39 use half of the
>> WAKom (for the answer) and half of WAKomEncoded (for the request).
> No, the other way around. It uses WAKomEncoded for the response and
> WAKom for the request since WAKom already automatically decodes the
> request in 3.9
>> > Getting WAKom to work is a bit trickier. I requires hacks, you can
>> > choose where.
>> Why one would need this if WAKomEncoded39 works ?
> Well there are several possible reasons. Three come into my mind
> - You already have a lot of utf-8 strings in the image, for example if
> you're migrating from 3.7
> - Your backend uses utf-8 (eg. PostgreS). utf-8 <-> WideString <->
> utf-8 doesn't really make sense
> - You don't believe in WideStrings
>> How can I install my image in seasidehosting using WAKomEncoded39 ? Is
>> it possible ?
> Good question. Probably the best way is to way until Lukas is back
> from holidays (next week) and hear what he and Avi (and other people)
> think about it.
> But then maybe we just ship it and revert it later if he has any
> problems with it.
> If you want it now rename WAKomEncoded to WAKomEncoded38 and
> WAKomEncoded39 to WAKomEncoded and then select WAKomEncoded in the web
> interface.
> Philippe
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