[Seaside] Odd issue with SeasideForWebToolkit bundle (2.6b1.58.0)

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jul 27 16:25:35 UTC 2006

Boris Popov a écrit :

>Ah yes, this is something I wanted to speak to Michel about when he gets
>back, because in the latest Seaside method WAHtmlRoot>>addMetaContentType is
>defined in the '*seasideasync' category, which is treated as belonging to
>SeasideAsync package by the Squeak-VisualWorks port process, so if you load
>the latest SeasideAsync as well, the problem should go away, I tested this
>again here with 7.4.1. Sorry for the troubles.

My guess is that you probably published the Seaside bundles with 
SeasideAsync loaded in VW,
or (not sure) you exported Seaside from Squeak with SeasideAsync loaded 
in Squeak.
Since SeasideAsync includes overrides of Seaside, the overriden methods 
do not get
published and you end up with a bundle that is missing a few methods, 
#space for instance,
#addMetaContentType and a few other.

I just published Seaside 2.6b1.58.1.

While at it, I also published Seaside-VW 2.6b1.58.1 where the port tool 
has been enhanced and
is now in a separate package. I lost some of your latest changes in the 
process. I would appreciate
if you could integrate your changes again. Sorry.

These versions of the bundles should be automatically selected when 
loading the SeasideForWebToolkit
bundle. Let me know if anything goes wrong with these updates.


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