[Seaside] Scriptalicious

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>> you can put several callback to the canvas element for example :
>> renderer anchor
>>           onClick: (html updater ....);
>>           onClick: (html updater ....);
>>           onStuff:.....;
>>           with:[html text:'aaaa']
>> for me it works.
>> hope this helps
>> sylvain pralon
> You misunderstand my question, that's multiple calls updating a single dom
> element, I want the opposite, one call updating multiple dom elements.

I'd like to do this as well. Seems like it needs a way to separate the 
action to execute (e.g. onclick) and a corresponding SET of pairs of <id, 
re-rendering code>. But I'm not sure how to do that.

Would it make sense if the decision of which components to update was made 
by some event machinery that tied components to domain objects and detected 
'dirty' components?

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