[Seaside] About SToR

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sat Jul 29 10:32:21 UTC 2006

I should just tell you the context of this idea:
	It seems to me that there is market that we miss: simple web  
application development.
	Seaside is cool for complex flow ones. But why can we have something  
really simple to
	define a domain (ie my comix collection) and that we can edit,  
sort, ... + store in
	a stupid DB.

On 28 juil. 06, at 09:54, stephane ducasse wrote:

>>> I was wondering if it would not make a lot of sense to have a  
>>> small framework called STOR that mimic (especially the  
>>> persistency part of RoR) in seaside and magritte.
>>> It seems to me that lot of people are doing simple application  
>>> and that the persistance is really important there.
>>> What do you think about that?
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