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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sat Jul 29 10:38:19 UTC 2006

Hi roger

I would really to know your experience with seaside for the same kind  
of problem.
And also I would love to know what should be done to get a "django"  
for Squeak.


On 28 juil. 06, at 21:36, Roger Whitney wrote:

> Others have given very good reasons not to do this: existing OR  
> mapping layers, object-databases, problems with mapping complex  
> objects structures to relational databases, problems with  
> continuations holding objects, etc. I am not arguing against these.
> But while I have been doing some web development I have not used  
> Seaside for a long time :(. I have been using Django. It has a  
> simple OR layer, with all the problems others have mentioned. I  
> have to deal with Python, which I am not very fond of, crummy  
> environments, poor IDEs, no interactive debugging, etc.  All the  
> while wishing I was using Seaside. But I use Django because once I  
> define my "object models" (really just simple OR mappings - talk  
> about a mixed up object model) Django generates the database tables  
> and an administration site to enter data and manage users, which  
> saves time. For simple projects I am more than 1/2 done at this  
> point. Most of the stuff I have been doing is simple enough that  
> the problems people mention are not an issue.
> Of course except for one project that looks like it may push the  
> boundary on what is easy to do in Django. So do I rewrite the app  
> in Seaside? Well at this point I have already invested time in the  
> Django, is it worth switching? These frameworks take some effort to  
> master. Just look at all the questions on this list about how to do  
> X in Seaside. The details of Django are fresh in my head, details  
> of using Seaside are not so fresh. It would take sometime to become  
> proficient again partially offsetting Seaside's advantages. So as a  
> result Seaside looses mind share. I think what Stephane is saying  
> we should try to make it easy for people to do simple things in  
> Seaside so we can gain some mind share.
> On Jul 28, 2006, at 12:54 AM, stephane ducasse wrote:
>>>> I was wondering if it would not make a lot of sense to have a  
>>>> small framework called STOR that mimic (especially the  
>>>> persistency part of RoR) in seaside and magritte.
>>>> It seems to me that lot of people are doing simple application  
>>>> and that the persistance is really important there.
>>>> What do you think about that?
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