[Seaside] OSCON report

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 29 03:21:37 UTC 2006

I see a parallel with what you are saying here about squeak/seaside and 
my own linux experience.

Due to my main hard disk taking a dive, one month ago, I have found 
myself having to build my  system up from scratch using linux. I myself 
have attempted to install linux on at least 5 previous occasions, but 
every time I only got so far before I went back to the familiar old 
windows or mac os x environments. (My mac g4 died 2 years ago). Despite 
working in a Unix/perl shop for 5 years, I still found linux 
installation and admin too painful. (I now know why - one non-pnp 
network card had me stumped) This time I did have the benefit of a 
working pc with which to browse the net looking for advice.

Finally I have done it... the difference this time is Knoppix! The Live-CD.

I started with knoppix which ran, without touching my broken 
installation. Since then I have slowly migrated my previous working 
environment accross, bit by bit. First email, then music, then squeak. I 
now have booted the knoppix dvd image on my hard disk with some 10G of 
unix stuff preloaded, and I am fairly impressed.

I am coming around to the live CD idea as a way of demonstrating, I 
think it might be a good idea to do one based upon dreamlinux.

just an idea for the pot


> I sensed enough goodwill, and got enough concrete offers to publish 
> articles/books/etc, to think that the opportunity is there to get a 
> mainstream audience for Seaside *if* (and this is a fairly large if) 
> we want it and have the resources to put into it.  What it would take, 
> I think, is a custom Squeak distribution and tutorial/screencast that 
> was aimed at a non-Smalltalk audience.  It would need to cover:
> - The browser
> - The workspace
> - Saving, loading, and merging in Monticello
> - The basics of Seaside (a revamped "Walk on the Seaside" tutorial 
> would be fine)

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