[Seaside] OSCON report

Bryce Kampjes bryce at kampjes.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 30 16:35:03 UTC 2006

 > If you do a custom image, there's a few packages that I think a web 
 > developer would appreciate pre-installed beyond Seaside/Scriptaculous
 >   - KeyBinder
 >   - ODBC
 >   - PieChart
 >   - PlotMorph
 >   - Shout
 >   - eCompletion
 >   - SoapCoreClient
 >   - Yaxo

At StS we were discussing getting a Seaside image into Ubuntu.  One
that was configured well for Seaside development. There was even talk
about adding one button publishing to the free seaside hosting
site. The idea was to reduce the barriers to entry.

Your list of packages looks good. We had Magma as well.

It should be fairly easy to get a Seaside image added to Ubuntu as
they already have a working Squeak package in Dapper.


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