[Seaside] Localisation of Seaside apps

Martin J. Laubach mjl at laubach.at
Mon Jun 12 11:00:21 UTC 2006

  I just had to submit an offer for a web application with localisation.
After thinking a bit about it, I must admit that all my solutions so far
are rather unwieldly.

  Having separate #renderContentOn for each language smells pretty bad.
Code duplication and all that.

  The problem is not so much with small embedded descriptive strings
on a page (like "html text: 'Username'"), those I can just replace
with "html text: (TextCatalog at: #username)" or such.

  The real problem comes with larger texts with embedded links. Here,
not only the text changes, but also the link text and the link position.
For example: "Click <a>here</a> to register" gives "Zur Registrierung
klicken sie bitte <a>hier</a>".

  One could solve that by just dividing up the text as in

	html text: (TextCatalog at: #preLinkText).
	html anchorWithAction: [] text: (TextCatalog at: #linkText).
	html text: (TextCatalot at: #postLinkText).

  but this gets out of hand pretty fast. Not to mention that one
may have multiple links that get switched in position relative to each

  That's one of the moments I think some template based preprocessor
would be nice. Or wouldn't it? I'm thinking of something like a way
to turn a string 'Click [here=self call: doRegistration] to register'
into a #renderContentOn-like method.



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