[Seaside] test subdirectory

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 12:54:04 UTC 2006

> thanks for your great enhancement to have a subdirectory with all the
> testing application!

Thanks, glad you like it.

For those who do not know about it, you just need to implement  
on the class side with something like this
	self registerAsApplication: 'foo/bar/zork'
This is designed to automatically create all the needed dispatchers in a
recursive manner.

I also added a 'browse' application that let you browse through the  
applications and folders without the need of authenticating. You can  
describe the applications by having the root components implement
#description on the class side.

> Maybe we should also create one for the examples?

Sure. Just a matter of listing the applications to be classified as  

> The only thing I wonder about is why you start the directory name with
> an upper-case letter? Wasn't it sort of a convention to have the
> directory and applications always lower-case?

No special reason. I was not aware of that convention.
I will not object to renaming it.

Some polishing is still needed to the 'config' application to fully
deal with applications defined in a directory.


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