[Seaside] Anyone using SeasideTesting with any newer versions of Seaside (2.6+) on VisualWorks?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Jun 14 05:40:09 UTC 2006

Hi all.. I decided to write some unit tests as an experiment and found I 
got the following errors when trying to load the latest version of the 
SeasideTestingBundle (vR1.2-4.3,mbany dated 05/23/2005) package :

Loading SeasideTestingBundle . . . (Seaside.WADispatcherEditor #test: - 
SCTestRunner is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm 
#radioComponentForElement: - SCRadioButtonHtmlInput is undeclared)  
(Seaside.SCSeasideForm #getOrCreateRadioGroup: - SCRadioGroup is 
undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: - 
SCTextHtmlInput is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm 
#componentForXMLElement: - SCCheckboxHtmlInput is undeclared)  
(Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: - SCHiddenHtmlInput is 
undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: - 
SCSubmitButtonHtmlInput is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm 
#componentForXMLElement: - SCSelectHtmlInput is undeclared)  
(Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: - SCTextAreaHtmlInput is 
undeclared) Done

I looked into some of the complaints above and found the first one 
(SCTestRunner) is defined and looks pretty much the same as the Squeak 
version of the code.. I've looked at a few of the others as well and 
they appear to have the same issue.. Could this be a namespace issue 
that has more to do with differences between Squeak and VW and their 
respective namespace handling and nothing more?  I don't really see why 
these local classes don't seem to see each other -- and I'm sure I'm 
totally missing something basic here.. Any ideas?

P.S. If it matters, I've got Seaside 2.6b1.30.0 dated 5/30/06

-- Rick

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