[Seaside] Anyone using SeasideTesting with any newer versions of Seaside (2.6+) on VisualWorks?

Michel Bany michel.bany at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 05:59:07 UTC 2006

On 14 Jun 2006, at 07:40 , Rick Flower wrote:

> Hi all.. I decided to write some unit tests as an experiment and  
> found I got the following errors when trying to load the latest  
> version of the SeasideTestingBundle (vR1.2-4.3,mbany dated  
> 05/23/2005) package :
> Loading SeasideTestingBundle . . . (Seaside.WADispatcherEditor  
> #test: - SCTestRunner is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm  
> #radioComponentForElement: - SCRadioButtonHtmlInput is undeclared)   
> (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #getOrCreateRadioGroup: - SCRadioGroup is  
> undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: -  
> SCTextHtmlInput is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm  
> #componentForXMLElement: - SCCheckboxHtmlInput is undeclared)   
> (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: - SCHiddenHtmlInput  
> is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: -  
> SCSubmitButtonHtmlInput is undeclared)  (Seaside.SCSeasideForm  
> #componentForXMLElement: - SCSelectHtmlInput is undeclared)   
> (Seaside.SCSeasideForm #componentForXMLElement: -  
> SCTextAreaHtmlInput is undeclared) Done

These ugly messages can be ignored. They are all related to the load  
order, but in the end, VW has everything right.
Since the package structure is defined in Squeak, I'm not sure if  
this could be fixed or not without redefining the package structure  
in Squeak.

No, your problem will be that SeasideTesting on VW has not been  
updated yet for 2.6b1.
The comment in the bundle says that 2.6a1.39.0 should be OK.


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