[Seaside] Re: GLORP

Jeremy Shute shutej at crazilocks.com
Fri Jun 23 14:25:46 UTC 2006

> It's a state machine design. Each message received from
> the postgres server is treated as an event to the PGConnection
> state machine. The event causes a state transition. Upon entering
> the new state, the method named like "st<StateName>" is executed.
> The state machine is pictured here:
>      http://ca.geocities.com/zazu@rogers.com/pgsqueak/PGConnection.5.gif
> That diagram is slightly out of date, if you look in the method:
>      PGConnection>>buildStateTransitionTable
> you'll see a representation of the real version used by the code.

I'm familiar with state machines and other automata.  The event is listed
in the debugger as PGAuthentication(type=5,salt=a ByteArray(249 138 60

I tried loading Crypgography from SqueakMap, same error.  How do I get it
to authenticate in plaintext?


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