[Seaside] Re: GLORP

Jeremy Shute shutej at crazilocks.com
Sun Jun 25 23:11:33 UTC 2006

> "md5" should work, if you have the Cryptography package loaded
> prior to loading the postgres package. If you do it the other
> way around, you may need to force a recompile of the postgres
> package for the MD5 stuff to be recogized. IIRC, you can use
> the Monticello browser to reload the package, which will cause
> a recompile.

Yes, I explicitly forced a recompile, because I loaded Cryptography after
PostgresV2.  Unfortunately, when switching back to "md5" encryption, it
still fails with the same error.  Hmmm...

Also, with an open transcript, I notice that GLORP has a bug, where in:


  ^self name, '_UNIQ'.

...which should be '_PK' for PostgreSQL (which implicitly creates these,
according to the NOTIFICATION I am seeing in the Transcript).  Even then,
the error still occurs.  It seems I cannot drop primary key constraints? 
Should I just ignore the errors from GLORP?


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