[Seaside] Re: GLORP

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Tue Jun 27 05:56:52 UTC 2006

Jeremy Shute wrote:
> =========
> I mentioned a problem with the state machine previously, when the database
> is set up in "md5" mode.  This error occurred both before and after
> downloading Cryptography and recompiling PostgresV2 and trying to connect
> in "md5" mode.  Therefore, everything I say from this point forward is
> qualified by the fact that connections are made in "plaintext" mode...

Dunno what could be wrong then. Maybe you can try loading into
a fresh image, just Cryptography and PostgresV2 (no Glorp yet),
to isolate the "md5" connection issue.

> =========
> ...which is highlighting the fact that Postgres is implicitly making
> "login_pk" and GLORP is attempting to explicitly delete it later as
> "login_uniq".  Changing the '_UNIQ' to '_PK' in the GLORP code still does
> not allow the drop.  Is this expected, and something the season
> professional ignores???

I'm not a Glorp user, so I can be of much help here. But,
my guess is that the error (constraint "login_uniq" does not exist)
is causing a transaction rollback.

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