[Seaside] Image for form submission

Jim Menard jimm at io.com
Fri Jun 30 14:23:10 UTC 2006

I'd like to use an image to submit a form---reall, to call the #login
method on self. The image ilives at a fixed URL. The HTML I'm trying
to mimic is

<input id="btnLogin" type="image" src="http://.../foo.gif"
class="btnImage" value="Log In" />

If I wanted to use a text submit button, I would use
    html submitButtonOn: #login of: self.

I don't think that
    html inputWithType: 'image' named: ...
will work for me because then it won't call the #login method, will it?

I've checked my Seaside mailing list archves and Googled, and haven't
been able to find an answer one way or another.

Is it possible, or not? If so, can someone point me to documentation
or post a code snippet? Thank you.

Jim Menard, jimm at io.com, jim.menard at gmail.com

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