[Seaside] What's the difference and why??

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Mar 1 00:32:54 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
>> renderContentOn: html
>>    html divClass: 'sidebar' with: [html render: menuArea].
>>    html divClass: 'contentarea' with: [html render: mainPage].
>>    html divClass: 'loginarea' with: [html render: loginArea].
>> where loginArea is an instance of a Login class 
> you can also do, for instance:
>        html divClass: 'sidebar' with: [self loginArea].
> if
> initialize
>     loginArea := loginClass new.
> loginArea
>     ^loginArea.
> But, is that not a good way to go?
> _______________________________________________
You've got me on that one -- for me, the first one seems to be easier to 
understand for me
anyway.. Perhaps someone else can chime in the validity of the bottom one..

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