[Seaside] What's the difference and why??

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Mar 2 14:11:35 UTC 2006

Hi :)

Really interesting discussion :)

>> Do you mind if I ask what "clearAllDelegates" does?  I found that  it 
>> is part of Seaside, but didn't see anything that
>> really explains what its for..
> This is one of the very cool parts of Seaside... the #call: #answer:  
> methods. What happens is that you send the #call: message with a  
> WAComponent subclass as the argument. The component that was called  
> becomes the delegate for the calling component. For all intents and  
> purposes, it replaces the calling component until it issues an  
> #answer message, then the "control" is returned to the calling  
> component. The renderContentOn: method of the top delegate is the one  
> that is rendered, all the other delegates in the chain are  
> effectively invisible. You can chain as many of these #call:s as you  
> want. clearAllDelegates removes the delegate chain, so the root  
> component is the one that is rendered again.
euh... I don't find #clearAllDelegates in my image !  Is it normal ? is 
there another way to do now?
I have seaside 2.6a3-lr22



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