[Seaside] Where to look to find out what...

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Thu Mar 2 16:56:59 UTC 2006

Julian Fitzell wrote:
> Whatever your component returns when sent #rendererClass will be used 
> as the renderer for that component.
> WAPresenter (a superclass of WAComponent) implements it like this:
> rendererClass
>     ^ WAHtmlRenderer
> So your components will all use the old rendering API unless you 
> reimplement that method to return WAHtmlCanvas instead.  If you want 
> to do this, it's probably best to make a component subclass for your 
> project and then subclass that for all your components.  This is good 
> practice anyway as there always seems to be behaviour you want to 
> share across all your components anyway.
Thanks Julian -- my next question is whether or not the WAHtmlCanvas is 
sufficiently stable at this point to use it (e.g. is the design going to 
change enough to break things as I proceed down my path and perhaps 
upgrade Seaside occasionally as I go).. If there is still working being 
done that may break things that use it, I'll probably continue using 
what I've got now (WAHtmlRenderer).. Thanks!

-- Rick

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