[Seaside] Running Seaside "allcanvastests" in Seaside 2.6a2 produces "Message not understood: #includes:" in VisualWorks

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Fri Mar 3 07:57:03 UTC 2006

Rick Flower a écrit :

> Hi all.. I was seeing this issue with my code and happened to try out 
> the "allcanvastests" example and found it gives the same
> error if you press any of the buttons after the initial page comes 
> up.  Below is a partial stackdump.. Is this something I'm only seeing
> or is this perhaps an issue with 2.6a2?  Anyone have any ideas on 
> whats missing/wrong?
This is definitely a symptom that occurs when you load 2.6a2 from the 
public store
on top of 2.5b8 from parcels. See my previous post.

I will publish a new version of 2.6a2 very soon.
Any feedback on your usage of 2.6a2 is very welcome.

Best luck,

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