[Seaside] Sample Seaside 2.6 form usage?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Fri Mar 3 08:46:15 UTC 2006

Michel Bany wrote:
> Rick Flower a écrit :
>> Does anyone have a sample form usage that works with the new Canvas 
>> API in Seaside 2.6+ that you'd like to share?
>> I'm having some problems with my old school API version of a form and 
>> am not sure what the problem is and after browsing
>> my Seaside code, I'm not sure if the stuff I'm looking at is the old 
>> or new.. By the way, why are a bunch of the Seaside classes
>> now RED in VW after I upgraded my Seaside version from 2.5b8 to 2.6a2?
> Let me make some assumption about what you actually did.
> 1) You started with VW 7.4
> 2) You loaded the SeasideForWebToolkit parcel into the image using the 
> parcel manager;
> the Seaside parcels on the VW distribution are for version 2.5b8
> 3) Thereafter you loaded the SeasideForWebToolkit bundle (version 
> 2.6a2.115.0 ?)
> from the public repository
> This is creating a mess (although it may work somehow). Instead, you 
> should unload all
> the Seaside parcels prior to loading from the public repository or 
> even better, you should
> rebuild a Seaside 2.6 image starting from a virgin image. In case you 
> want to try the unload
> method, the parcels to unload are SeasideBase, SeasideForWebToolkit 
> and SqueakBase.
BINGO!  I've now re-created my image from scratch again starting with 
the original VW image
and re-loaded Seaside + Glorp and a few other things I had in my bad 
image and all seems to
be working fine now.. Thanks.. I'll checkout the other stuff you had to 
say in the morning..

Thanks again!

-- Rick

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