[Seaside] user/session activity logging in seaside -- logging what each user is doing.. (was: activity logs - any ideas?)

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sat Mar 4 18:52:35 UTC 2006

In my old PHP based application, I had my code writing into my database, 
a single line indicating what each user was doing along with a timestamp 
(e.g. user X inserted record ...).. Does anyone currently do this with 
any of their Seaside apps and if so, what is your philosophy?  In my 
case, I'm using Glorp do talk to my database and would be temped to have 
some sort of method that is common to all database classes that could be 
called whenever a database operation occurs for that table (perhaps some 
sort of plug-in of sorts for Glorp?).  In my case, I don't really care 
if this log is stored in the database or in a flat-file.  Comments?


-- Rick

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