[Seaside] Re: Rails and Seaside

Jan Szumiec jps at ftyczka.org
Sat Mar 4 20:27:13 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
>> I got VNC working, no problem. First, I installed RFBServer,
>> configured it with a password, and started it through the menu with
>> the display number set to 0.
>> Then, I ran vncviewer, and everything works as expected ;) I wonder
>> how much effort it would take to send events between windows on remote
>> images, instead of sending bitmap updates. I think that's how Windows'
>> remote desktop works, and it is way more responsive than VNC.
> what platform are you running both on? Both of mine are Linux.

I was running both on Windows. I didn't change any settings for 
vncviewer, just put in 'hostname:0'.

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