[Seaside] Configuration with VisualWorks?

Michel Bany m.bany at wanadoo.fr
Mon Mar 6 17:57:43 UTC 2006

On 05 Mar 2006, at 00:32 , Roland Hochmuth wrote:

> Seaside Users, I've just started out with Seaside and Smalltalk.  
> I'm using VisualWorks 7.4. I've had no problems downloading Seaside  
> and running the examples or even adding new apps/components to the  
> pre-configured seaside web site. So far, I'm very impressed!!!  
> Initially, I had the site automatically created by the  
> AAADocumentation class.
> What I would like to do now is create my own WEB site with it's own  
> root directory, not in the $(VISUAL_WORKS_HOME)/web/examples  
> directory, but I'm missing something on how to configure this. I've  
> gone through the VW WEB development example and created a new web  
> site by modifying webtools.ini and creating a foo-site.ini, but I'm  
> not able to connect this up to Seaside. So then I tried another  
> approach to creating a new site, by borrowing code from  
> AAADocumentation and changing these around a little to create a new  
> WEB site, but all I can display is the readme.html in the browser,  
> which is the default home page.
> So I guess I'm looking for possibly a little explanation or  
> cookbook on how to get going. Does anyone have any pointers or  
> suggestions?

Here is a first small recipee.

1) Create your site root directory
	for instance /mysite

2) Add a file to your root directory
	for instance /mysite/mysite.ini
	this file contains the parameters for the site
	see default-site.ini for an example
	see also documentation for possible options and their meanings
	(WebAppDevGuide.pdf), mainly chapter 5

	You may want to define a logical name like this
		go = servlet/SeasideServlet

	The environment parameter is for the namespace, probably
		environment = Seaside

3) Add a line at end of webtools.ini in the VW Web folder
	to link the site name to the file above
	assuming the site name is "abcd" :
		abcd = /mysite/mysite.ini

4) If VisualWorks is already running, navigate to http://localhost:8008
	that will take you to the web server configuration page
	select the "Manage Server" tab
	click "Reset Server" to force re-read webtools.ini
	or start your VW image

5) Navigate to your new site
	if you defined the logical name, the url is shorter	:

6) If you prefer shorter urls
	You may want to try with the parcel named SeasideShortPath
	located in the BonusPack folder
	Then navigate to


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