[Seaside] Configuration with VisualWorks?

Roland Hochmuth rhochmuth at comcast.net
Tue Mar 7 06:47:42 UTC 2006

Hi Michel, Thank you for your very detailed reply. I think I'm almost  
there. I've gone through your instructions and created a WEB site.  
However, when I enter


nothing appears until I go to


and use "add entry point".

What I've done in VW is create a new package and namespace. In the  
new namespace I've created a new class that inherits from WAComponent  
and added the method "canBeRoot"

So then I toggled halos on the .../config WEB page and discovered  
that the "config" page was displaying the component  
WADispatcherEditor. And sure enough, looking at renderContentOn for  
class WADispatcherEditor I see that addEntryPoint is a callback. So  
it t looks like WADispatcherEditor is just a WAComponent too. Very  
cool! I could continue to manually enter my sites using the config  
page, but now I'm wondering how WADispatcherEditor got bootstrapped  
and why my application didn't just show up as opposed to  
WADispatcherEditor which was somehow connected to the "config" page.  
I'm thinking that if I wanted to just have my app "appear" rather  
than being manually entered at "config" then I should just invoke  
addEntryPoint from the initialize method in the new application  
component. Also, I guess that class SeasideServlet dispatches to  
WADispatcherEditor somehow, but I don't see the connection right now.

Any more suggestions or pointers as to what I should look at and what  
the preferred method is?

Regards --Roland

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