[Seaside] Re: [ANN] Seaside Tutorial

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Tue Mar 7 09:14:40 UTC 2006


>> Seasidehosting is a great step. The hosting facility is fine.
>> But I don't see a lot of apps yet. Has not enough time elapsed,
>> or is building a Seaside app still too hard? Don't know the
>> answer. Earlier, on seasidehosting, I counted 63 sites, but
>> only 16 running (one of them www itself). Of the 16, only 7 had
>> an app linked from the default path. Of those, 3 were Pier apps.
It's only one or 2 weeks long so I find normal there is not yet good 
showcase. And also, I think most seaside application developped are 
commercial. Maybe when this will be more mature, it will be good to make 
a "bookmark" page on seaside.st to link to different good seaside 

> I have been using Smalltalk for more than 4 years now. And I must 
> admit I find seaside hard. I have the idea of the html code I want to 
> be generated. I believe I know enough Smalltalk to express my idea in 
> Smalltalk. But I always get stuck with little problems, how to do 
> this, how to do that.

I also find some difficulties but I think it's mainly because of a lack 
of practice but in the same time, I like the way to think htmlless... 
and it remains simpler as doing a traditional GUI for me...

> The different tutorials on Seaside I found explained very basic 
> examples (f.e. the counter). I am trying to make a website to replace 
> my current blog (using a php app). I just want a small webpage, with 
> menus on the side and 1, or 2 at most, entries.
> I think a tutorial showing how to reverse engineer from the html to 
> the seaside would be nice. I would bet most of the people interested 
> to try out seaside already know html, possibly php, or even 
> $(whatever) Server Pages.
I agree. I think what is missing is probably a top-to-bottom example 
(tutorial) on how to create a "php-like" web site in seaside. I find 
this could be a main tutorial page in seaside.st. The idea would be to  
do a "template" of what  most people want to do. Of course, that won't 
cover all topics but will give a good start for newcomer.
For instance is what's proposed here a good template : 
something we could start the tutorial with ?

Also as I'm careffully reading the mailing list, we see that a lot of 
questions are coming over and over like:
- how to serve static files
- how to serve through Apache
- how to connect to a database
- ...
Is a FAQ possible in seaside.st ?



ps: I know people involved in seaside won't have time to do that but I 
think that can be done by some others and I'd like to do somethink like 
collecting FAQ.... we just need a validation and a place where to put 
stuffs if possible...

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