[Seaside] Re: [ANN] Seaside Tutorial

Brian Brown rbb at techgame.net
Wed Mar 8 18:28:11 UTC 2006

Seriously cool stuff there. Great use of the Browser.


On Mar 8, 2006, at 10:53 AM, Wilkes Joiner wrote:

> On 3/8/06, stephane ducasse <stephane.ducasse at free.fr> wrote:
>> Please do a video. We even bought the software so that Avi would do a
>> video but this will never happen :).
>> So someone should do it :).
>> Stef
>> On 6 mars 06, at 23:46, Yanni Chiu wrote:
>>> We could benefit from the equivalent to Ruby on Rails video,
>>> if it's possible. It would demostrate the simple stuff is easy.
> I was going to release a Smalltalk On Sails (SoS) video on April 1st,
> as an April Fool's joke.  However the code and tools seem to be pretty
> useful and may merit being released with a different name of course.
> If I keep moving forward on this, I may scrap the joke and release
> something real.
> I basically subclassed Cee's Refractoring Browser and use it to
> generate all the CRUD stuff that the Rails scripts do.  It uses the
> OmniBaseSupport package for persistence.
> Here are some links to a 5 minute video to give you an idea:
> http://wilkesjoiner.com/sos.mov (12.3MB)
> http://wilkesjoiner.com/sos-h264.mov (5.9MB requires QT7)
> http://wilkesjoiner.com/sos-h264-800x600 (4.5 MB requires QT7)
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