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Thanks for posting links to the video. Very cool indeed. I am
curious, what is the persistence mechanism being used by the
application in the video?

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Hi Rogers,

> You also might consider plugging Magritte into the framework.

yes, that would be very cool, indeed. Especially much more powerful
and still very easy for beginners.

Instead of adding your own instance-variables you simply press a menu
"Add Descriptions" showing a list of possible descriptions, such as
"String Description" and "Meno Description", "Date Description", etc.
Then a morphic dialog on this description is opened to specify its
properties, such as the label, default value, view-component,
validation rules, etc.

Note that this configuration dialog can be built automatically, since
descriptions are described using themselves. The description
serializes itself to a description-method on the class side (that is
not yet done, but I could add that) and you have a great interface
that is easily extensible.

For your example this would just add two methods:

SOSPost class>>descriptionTitle
  ^ MAStringDescription auto: #title label: 'Title'

SOSPost class>>description
  ^ MAMemoDescription auto: #body label: 'Body'

Now as a user you are probably not happy with simply that, you want to
add some validation: the fields should be required (send the message
#beRequired to the description), maybe you want a default value (send
the message #default: anObject), you want some custom condtion (send
the message #addCondition: aBlock), and so on ...

I really think Magritte could turn your baby into something much more
powerful than they have in Ruby!


Lukas Renggli
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