[Seaside] scriptaculous strange code ?

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Mar 16 13:13:10 UTC 2006


Paco a écrit :

> Hi,
> I try to figure out how this scriptaculous code works and I am not 
> getting the point.
> Here is the rendering code of the SUSortableTest :
>        renderContentOn: html
>         html paragraph: 'Drag and drop items to re-arrange!'.
>         html div
>             style: 'float: left;';
>             with: [ self renderList: left named: 'left' titled: 'Left
>     List' on: html ].
>         html div
>             style: 'float: left;';
>             with: [ self renderList: right named: 'right' titled:
>     'Right List' on: html ]
> It's easy to see what it produces but if I copy that code in one of my 
> class, Seaside is generating some 'with' tags in html source. And it 
> is normal because the WAHtmlRender doesn't understand the message #div 
> and #with:. So the #doesNotUnderstand: is invoked

Scriptaculous is using exclusively WARenderCanvas (the new rendering 
framework) and not WAHtmlRenderer (the old one still usable and the 
default one too)...

To use it, you need the last seaside 2.6a3-lr.28, then the package 
and in your application, you have to use specify in the instance side of 
your component
    ^ WARenderCanvas

if you want to make it the default for all your seaside app, put this 
method in WAPresenter...
After, the difference is mainly that you use cascading messages (it is 
to limit the explosion of WAHtmlRenderer protocol)

html div
    style:  ;  (<-- ;)
    with: [].

The order is not important exept for with: or text: that have to placed 
last (if I have well understood :) )

hope this helps

see you


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