[Seaside] push-model of interactive web pages

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Thu Mar 16 19:41:10 UTC 2006

Jason Rogers wrote:
> I just came back from the Real World Ajax Seminar in New York City. 
> The seminar was pretty good in general, but one really neat thing I
> saw was the innovation of a push model type of live update.
> The trick is to embed a small (1px by 1px) flash file.  This embedded
> object has the capability of opening a socket to the server.  The web
> page can then register itself to the server over that socket and
> bada-boom-bada-bing the server can PUSH information to all connected
> clients.
> The two demos of this functionality I saw were in the context of Flex
> programming and Ruby on Rails.
> The Flex guy showed outlining directions on a map in a browser --
> those outlines showed up immediately in the two other browsers that
> were connected to the server on different sessions.
> The Ruby on Rails guy showed several examples of adding and deleting
> records in a web app through various interfaces with the server
> (browser, commandline, etc.).  These adds and deletes showed up
> immediately in the other browsers that were connected in different
> sessions.
> Pretty neat stuff!  This is definitely something that could be a big
> win for Seaside.  I will be working on it over the next month to see
> if I can implement it.  However, if someone beats me to the punch: all
> the better.
very interested in this as I want to push audio stream to a client and
have the user select among a selection for seamless switch.

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