[Seaside] Unexecuted code

Zulq Alam zulq at orange.net
Sat Mar 18 16:42:44 UTC 2006

Perhaps it's my lack of experience with Smalltalk but I'm struggling to 
understand what happens to code which is not executed after an answer.

    parameter isNil:
        [self inform: 'You must specify a parameter.'.
       self answer].
    someObject someActionWith: parameter.
    self answer.

Let's assume that "parameter" is set by some form input which in this 
case is nil. I would expect the last two statements to execute when 
"self answer" returns which, as I understand, never will.

So, what happens to the last two statements? They must have been on the 
stack (or whatever Squeak/Smalltalk uses!) and I would assume that "self 
answer" pushes on to the stack. So doesn't the stack grow indefinitely?


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