[Seaside] Rails Shopping Cart "Engine"

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Sun Mar 19 07:33:03 UTC 2006

Todd Blanchard wrote:
> http://www.subimage.com/sublog/openSourceRubyOnRailsShoppingCart
> I quite like the idea of this - build a commonly used chunk of 
> capability in a vanilla way and allow people to grab and customize it.
> I'd like to see the seaside community do something similar with - say 
> - user logins for a start.
I've got one almost ready that does the user logins and general menu 
links and uses Glorp for user lookup (talking to a PostgreSQL 
database).  The only thing that's keeping me from turning people loose 
on it is that I need to figure out how to get VisualWorks/Seaside 
talking on a different port than (the default) 8008.. Once that's done, 
I'll have it all setup on a server sitting in my garage.. I was going to 
put it up on seasidehosting.st until I read that they don't provide any 
sort of database access.  I think these initial growing pains for new 
users (to Seaside + Smalltalk) are what may drive people away 
(perhaps).. If there are a set of standard things that are common for 
many web apps already available, it would likely reduce the amount of 
confusion about how things work,etc.

-- Rick

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