[Seaside] WeakArray (again)

William Harford seaside at harford.org
Fri Mar 24 17:54:09 UTC 2006

Just a note: Restarting the image a clearing the caches solves the  
problem for a few hours so It could turn out the slow downs I am  
experiencing are not totally related to WeakArray.

 From the beginning I have experienced slow down issues on Squeak/ 
Seaside images running on Linux and while I have done a lot to reduce  
the problem it has not gone away. I am almost ready to give up and  
write some sort of load balancing script that expires/kills images  
after a few hours and after they are done handling active session.

It would be a terrible hack but I am getting far to many complaints  
about seaside applications slowing down and me having to save and  
restart the image.

Has anyone else experienced these issues and discovered a solution/ 
work around.

On Mar 24, 2006, at 10:40 AM, William Harford wrote:

> Hi all,
> The WeakArray finalizationProcess is delaying seaside page delivery  
> by a couple seconds. I know this problem pops up on this list every  
> once and a while and the only "solution" I have seen is to use  
> IdentityDictionary.
> My problem is not that the WeakArray finalizationProces is taking  
> over my image it just running at bad times. I noticed that it runs  
> at userInterruptPriority. I am assuming that that is done to avoid  
> some sort of race condition. Would it be safe for it to run at  
> systemBackgroundPriority or userBackgroundPriority in an image that  
> is only used for seaside ?
> Would there be a way to run the finalizationProces at more  
> controlled times like after the seaside request has been handled or  
> even every so many minutes. Would doing something like the below be  
> a bad idea (it would be forked to a lower process)
> [true] whileTrue:[
> 	WeakArray runningFinalizationProcess terminate.
> 	(Delay forSeconds: 240) wait.
> 	WeakArray restartFinalizationProces.
> ].
> I know the above might produce unexpected behavior in some  
> applications but would it cause any problems?
> The WeakArray issue is becoming a huge problem for us and I would  
> love to see some sort of resolution to it.
> Thanks
> Will
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