[Seaside] Task Loop

Zulq Alam zulq at orange.net
Sat Mar 25 00:53:06 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm a bit confused by WATask, maybe you can help me please?

When implementing #renderConentOn in WAComponent I know that if I don't 
send self #answer that WAComponent will remain visible (assuming I don't 
call anything else).

This is not the same with a WATask which answers automatically when #go 

I would like to have a WATask subclass that does the following.

    1) Call a WAComponent which has a form to collect some information. 
This WAComponent will only answer if all the fields are syntactically valid.
    2) Using the inputs from the component called in (1) perform some work.
    3) If this work fails (i.e. the inputs were semantically invalid) 
start from (1).

I was expecting this to happen without looping in #go.

An alternative to looping would be to have the view call the task rather 
than answer to the task but I think this breaks the encapsulation of the 

I though I might find some answers in WATask...

renderContentOn: html
    self session redirectTo: (html urlForAction: [[self answer: self go] 

This looks like it wants to loop to me! If not, what's the #repeat for?

So, I'm quite confused now.


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