[Seaside] Task Loop

Zulq Alam zulq at orange.net
Sat Mar 25 01:33:45 UTC 2006

Thanks Julian.

Julian Fitzell wrote:
> I think it only repeats if the WATask is the root controller (ie. if 
> it has nothing to #answer: to).  If it does have something to answer 
> to, then the context is going to jump out of that block and back to 
> the caller and thus the loop will never happen.  The looping in WATask 
> is really just there as an odd special case that can be useful when 
> testing or developing with a WATask as the root.  The task is not 
> intended to loop in the general case.
> If you want looping behaviour, just write it in the #go method like 
> you would for any other function:
> go
>   [self isWorkSuccessful] whileFalse:
>     [self getSomeUserInput.
>      self doSomeWork]]
> Or whatever... you get the idea.
> Julian

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