[Seaside] Home Link

Zulq Alam zulq at orange.net
Sat Mar 25 03:08:29 UTC 2006


I've been trying to implement a way for any component or task to send 
the user to the root page, i.e. home. I'm having some difficulties.

I have added an instance variable 'root' and #root which returns the 
current component as the root if #root:aComponent has not already been 
sent. This is in the superclasses to all my components and tasks which 
extend WAComponent and  WATask respectively.

    ^ root ifNil: [root := self]

root: aComponent
    root := aComponent

So, before I call any component I pass the current root to the called 

self call: (aComponent root: self root)

Assuming all the components I call understand what to do with a root 
then at any given time a component will have a reference to the root 
component via "self root".

Now, a link home takes a simple form.

html anchorWithAction: [self root home] text: 'Home'

And this seems to work fine. I don't appear to be able to call home from 
a Task though.

    self root home

# PFView(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #owner

    self    a PFView
    aMessage    owner
    inst vars
    decoration    a WAStateHolder(a PFView)
    root    a PFView

I've attached the full stack trace from the call to #renderContentOn of 
the Task.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.


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