[Seaside] Re: Home Link

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Sat Mar 25 06:18:57 UTC 2006

Zulq Alam wrote:
> I've had a quick look at Shore, I can see there is some root/parent 
> passing going on in ShoreComponent but no classes in Shore seem to be 
> Tasks by either extending WATask or ShoreTask.
> My problem is the call to self root home works fine from a Component but 
> fails when called from a Task.
> I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for in Shore? Is there an 
> example of a Task redirecting to home that I'm missing somewhere?

What behaviour are you trying to achieve with a WATask?
If you're just trying to get a "normal" web browsing
experience, then have a look at how ShoreDemo1Root is
the "root" component from which other components are called.

FWIW, I've been down the WATask path, following the Sushi
store demo. Web apps seem to flow in two ways at the same
time. One is just random browsing, and the other is a
constrained path. You could consider "random" browsing
to be a contrained path, and therefore wrap it in a task,
but IMHO it makes the code harder.

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