[Seaside] BGGoodBadChart in SeaChart package

John Pierce john at pierce.name
Tue Mar 28 20:15:22 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm just not seeing something here and need some assistance.

The Seaside package called SeaChart on SqueakSource appears to require some
capability from ByteArray. Specifically, asMIMEDocument is being sent to an
instance of ByteArray and that's not in my new image with all the latest
Seaside, Scriptalicous, and SeaChart software installed.

Check out BGGoodBadChart#updateRoot:

It puts these byte arrays into some instance variables that ultimate the
client web browser comes back around and requests. Then at that time, Squeak
gets mad as it trys to convert the ByteArrays into MIMEDocuments and my
image has no such conversion.

Any ideas?


It's easy to have a complicated idea. It's very very hard to have a simple
idea. -- Carver Mead
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