[Seaside] BGGoodBadChart in SeaChart package

Ramon Leon rleon at insario.com
Tue Mar 28 20:46:31 UTC 2006

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> Subject: [Seaside] BGGoodBadChart in SeaChart package
> Hi all,
> I'm just not seeing something here and need some assistance.
> The Seaside package called SeaChart on SqueakSource appears 
> to require some capability from ByteArray. Specifically, 
> asMIMEDocument is being sent to an instance of ByteArray and 
> that's not in my new image with all the latest Seaside, 
> Scriptalicous, and SeaChart software installed. 
> Check out BGGoodBadChart#updateRoot:
> It puts these byte arrays into some instance variables that 
> ultimate the client web browser comes back around and 
> requests. Then at that time, Squeak gets mad as it trys to 
> convert the ByteArrays into MIMEDocuments and my image has no 
> such conversion. 
> Any ideas?
> John

My image has that, it's an extension from Pier-Seaside.  Might want to
let the author know about that dependency.  It looks like this, if you
just want to hack it for now...

	^ MIMEDocument content: self

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