[Seaside] Seaside on ST/X ?

Andreas Brodbeck andreas.brodbeck at mindclue.ch
Wed Mar 29 16:13:06 UTC 2006

Lukas Renggli schrieb:
> Hi Andreas,

Hi Lukas!

>> I did not try it yet, though. Has anyone some more information on that
>> seaside port to ST/X? Who is maintaining it? How does it perform on
>> ST/X? On the official seaside website, there is a note, which says, that
>> seaside on ST/X is not possible. Maybe some preconditions changed with
>> the current ST/X version, so it is possible now?
> have a look at the implementation of the class Continuation, the last
> time I looked at it there were many halt's in there :-/

So it is... :-(

In the documentation of the Continuation class it says:
"Initial attempt - Contnuations do not work yet."

> I don't know if there is any chance that this changes soon. It would
> be very cool to have Seaside in ST/X and would certainly boost the use
> of this environment.

I will try to ask them.



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