[Seaside] [Newbie] Seaside-Component classes

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu May 4 09:19:03 UTC 2006

I give a try ;)
other dont hesitate to correct me ;)

> WAAnswerHandler
> ------------------------
> .oO( No ideas here, but for some reason I don't think this class is  
> of interest to me at this moment )

this is a decoration that manages answers when calling back a component...
try alt+shift+n   gives users of class
WAComponent>>onAnswer: a Block
    ^self addDecoration (WAAnswerHandler ...)
but you don't really have to care of this class

> WAComponent
> --------------------
> .oO( Ordinary components. Pretty much no questions here. )

yep and WATask is a special subclass of WAComponent that manages flow of 
information  without rendering.

> WADecoration
> ------------------
> .oO( What's this? As I imagine this must be some kind of wrapper  
> around ordinary components, to enhance them or wrap some code around  
> them? If it's true, how do I add Decorations to my existing component? )

pattern decoration. Add functionnalities to component... either 
graphical (Window decoration...) or behavioral ( Transaction (when 
calling isolate, delegation, session protector, validation (add form 
around a comp)...)
see that... 

> WADelegation
> ------------------
> .oO( No ideas. Need help :-) )

a decoration
still alt shift n   shows that it is called in WAComponent show: aComp 
onAnswer: aBlock  , so each time show:  is called...   actually when you 
call a component    WAComp>>call: aComponent

when you toggle halo, you see all this stuff...

another trick to see how internal work is to put    self halt    
somewhere in the code you try to understand. Then manipulate a seaside 
application and a debugger will open and you will be able to see whats 
happening step by step.

> WAPresenter
> -----------------
> .oO( This one just drives me crazy. I wanted to think of this as of  
> some big master component that acts as a container for all  
> application components. Something like "Application Component", but I  
> have no idea if it's true. )

common superclass of WADecoration and WAPresenter as required by the 
decoration pattern.

> WATask
> -----------
> .oO( If I get this right, this is useful for something like  
> Transaction Script (PoEAA)? For example, I can encapsulate some  
> business logic in a WATask subclass and make it call components in a  
> needed order? Or there's something else meant as a "workflow" in  
> WATask class docs? )

a specific WAComponent that implement the go method and no renderContentOn:

hope it's not too wrong ;)

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