[Seaside] [Newbie] Seaside-Component classes

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu May 4 10:18:34 UTC 2006

> Hey.
> Great answer, you helped me a lot!
> Thanks for doing this. Great links, great tips, great explanations.

dont take them for sure... I'm still a newbie too lol

What I know is that all keyboard shortcuts are precious !!! It takes me 
a lot to know how to use them...
alt + b   browser (class and method)
alt + N  users (of class)
alt + n senders
alt + m implementors
alt + W for method finder (even if selection is incomplete)
others fonctions are interesting in the menu... (shift - right clic)

Last... this shortcuts are nice when selecting but when the message are 
in several pieces (keyword messages), then it's better to use senders 
and implementors in browsers...

> I'm sure this will also help other newbies like me :-) Thank you!
what about a seaside-beginners mailing list ;)  loll
kidding ! I think it can be done in the new squeak one ( prefixed by 

the good point in that answering helps understand too... but master and 
advanced people should check we that we don't say wrong stuff...

See you

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