[Seaside] VAST Seaside Challenge

John Pierce john at pierce.name
Thu May 4 10:40:47 UTC 2006

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> Currently, Seaside is available for Squeak and VisualWorks. It has not been
> ported to other dialects such as VAST. We would like to see it ported to
> VAST. To that end, we are issuing a challenge to the VAST user community to
> port Seaside to VAST. To make it worth your while, we are offering a reward
> of a full license to VAST and all of our add-on products (a $9,595 value) to
> the first *five* people who successfully and independently port Seaside to
> VAST (we want to make sure that anyone who gets it working is rewarded, not
> just the first to finish).

I guess you already have to *own* VAST Smalltalk to even participate
in the challenge, right?


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