[Seaside] Static link to get variables

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu May 4 19:45:50 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller a écrit :

>Florian Minjat wrote:
>>My aim is to embed a flash menu in my seaside app.
>>So I need to feed this flash menu with the different links. Thoses
>>links must be the equivalent of a message call to a seaside component.
>>I could use the #initialRequest: method to send GET variables to the
>>seaside app from the flash menu. But when I tried this method, the
>>context was lost (my app requires an authentification).
>>I am trying the method suggested by Lukas with :
>>url := html context actionUrl withParameter: (html callbacks
>>registerActionCallback: [ mycall ]).
>>And it seems to work. I need to make more tests to be sure.
>Old msg... but, did you ever finalize this issue? Any solution? How are
>you doing with using flash? talking back and forth between seaside and
>the embedded flash app.
>any war stories? :-)
I'm also playing with request to call an external web and to get  some 
data back...

What I'd like to do is calling from seaside, and waiting for a 
request...  something like:

http://www.aPage.php/carto?_k=lQEsdNrE&_s=WJqhqfFUpMOJWiPv   (sent from 

and then It opens the page that collects the 2 parameters, I click on 
the map (kind of GIS) and it returns a GET request with all parameters I 
need... like the following:


Now I'm just tring to get a point1 and point 2  but without success. The 
session is preserved but the 2 last parameters aren't processed.

If you have any ideas or comments, I'll appreciate. For instance, is there a way to call: anExternalPage with a request being interpreted as an answer ?



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