[Seaside] Re: Upload Part Two

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Mon May 8 09:35:31 UTC 2006

>      [ WAApplication allSubInstances do: [ :each | each preferenceAt: #deploymentMode put: true ] ] ifError: [ ].

Yes, this line is automatically execute when the image is started up,
however there is nothing that prevents you to manually re-enable the
toolbar. We only disable the toolbar to help people making their image
production ready and prevent other people from accessing their code.

> which should disable the Seaside toolbar at the bottom of
> all your applications. If you remove (or comment out) this
> line then you should be able to browse/edit code - BUT, so
> could anyone else that accesses the site! To make a change,
> download the existing version, edit it, and upload the replacement.

Yes, this is something you usually don't want ;-)

> BTW, I think the default startup script uses allInstancesDo:
> instead of "allSubInstances do:". I changed my SqueakStartup.st
> to use allSubInstnaces because I was using Shore applications
> which subclassed from WAApplication.

Thanks for the bug-report, I will fix this problem immediately.

Keep in mind that the startup-file is recreated on every restart of
the image and that this is an internal thing that we might change or
replaced without announcement (in fact this already happened several
times). Better use your own startUp method from inside the image! Of
course we could also provide a configuration box where you could
provide your own code from the configuration web-interface, if this is


Lukas Renggli

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