[Seaside] Where to put the double quotes?

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Fri May 12 06:00:34 UTC 2006

Hi Yanni and Lukas,

Thank you for your help several days ago. I reached satiety and had to
refrain for a bit, but I have a new collection of related questions. They
all refer to what Yanni said I ought to do if I wished to activate the Halo

Before I address the specifics of where the method is located that I need to
suppress with a comment's double quotes. I wonder what Avi Bryant does for
his clients? The Halo button is a great tool. And people don't need to know
a lick of Smalltalk to use it. They can change CSS and HTML just by looking
in the right box. Skip the Smalltalk. Avoid it. Just fire up your browser
anytime, and anywhere and the output device you've been using becomes an
input device. Brilliant.

But how does Avi get his clients to turn access to the Halo button on and
off? Or does he give them access to it at all? It is conceivable the he is
the only one who can use the Halo button for all the websites he's helped
create. That doesn't seem likely to me, so there must be another mechanism
that allows people to turn on and off access to the Halo button beside
looking for the right method to comment out. How does Avi do it?

But for my purposes, I'm looking for a method that looks like this:

[ WAApplication allSubInstances do: [ :each | each preferenceAt:
#deploymentMode put: true ] ] ifError: [ ].

OK, that's the target. I understand that the target is supposed to be part
of some material that Netstyle.ch has injected into my copy of Seaside which
I loaded up to its site. So I download it using ftp, and open it up on my
local Squeak. Thus and so, I start to look for the dreaded method.

But I'm told it's in something called SqueakStartup.st. As far as I can tell
that's not a class category, class, method category or method. In fact it
looks like a file that is supposed to be filed-in (loaded) to create new
classes and methods. In fact it looks a lot like the four files I have for
Fastalk that Peter Blount wrote that I'm trying to file-in, and am getting
syntax errors for. But I digress.

Using the method finder I can type in SqueakStartup.st and I get a plethora
of answers all with an arrow pointing to something else such as the word
copy. Typing in WAApplication seems to produce a recognized method class,
but no methods. I'm looking for a class and method that will produce the
identified piece of code in the bottom window of the browser, but I don't
see how what I understand to be the name of an input/file-in file,
SqueakStartup.st, can be anything I could find in a browser. Nothing in the
browser windows seems to have a ".st" suffix. What class and method might I
find the target code snippet in?

Any help you could give me in this regard (why do I get a syntax error while
trying to load Fastalk files?) would be greatly appreciated.

Yours Truly, 
Chris Cunnington

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