[Seaside] Where to put the double quotes?

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri May 12 07:41:46 UTC 2006

> But for my purposes, I'm looking for a method that looks like this:
> [ WAApplication allSubInstances do: [ :each | each preferenceAt:
> #deploymentMode put: true ] ] ifError: [ ].
> OK, that's the target. I understand that the target is supposed to be part
> of some material that Netstyle.ch has injected into my copy of Seaside which
> I loaded up to its site. So I download it using ftp, and open it up on my
> local Squeak. Thus and so, I start to look for the dreaded method.

We don't inject code into the image, we only pass in a start-up script
that is executed when the vm is opened on the server. This start-up
script contains this particular line of code among others that start
the server on the right port, etc.

> But I'm told it's in something called SqueakStartup.st. As far as I can tell
> that's not a class category, class, method category or method. In fact it
> looks like a file that is supposed to be filed-in (loaded) to create new
> classes and methods. In fact it looks a lot like the four files I have for
> Fastalk that Peter Blount wrote that I'm trying to file-in, and am getting
> syntax errors for. But I digress.

Yes, it is a hidden file in the file-system, that is not supposed to
be changed. As I said it does not generate any code, these are just a
few expressions that get evaluated when the service starts the image.

> Any help you could give me in this regard (why do I get a syntax error while
> trying to load Fastalk files?) would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry, I don't get this question.

If you really want to enable the halos you could hack Seaside to
always display them, no matter what the #deploymentMode setting has
been configured to. However, keep in mind that this imposes a big
security risk to your image and account, basically everybody will be
able to look at your code, change it and execute anything (e.g. delete
your image) within your seasidehosting.st account.


Lukas Renggli

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