[Seaside] CSS problem for IE

Sebastien Genier [M1 ETSIE] sebastien.genier at etu.univ-savoie.fr
Mon May 15 17:23:16 UTC 2006


I'm a student of S. Ducasse and I'm working on a Seaside project : RSS feeds
reading, to create a small webpage like live.com.

I have problems with my style method in Squeak. Generally, I use '_' to
write my CSS for Internet Explorer.

For example I use 
	Padding: 5px; 
	_padding: 5px; //for IE

But I can't tape '_' in Squeak.

An other question (it concern more CSS than Seaside specialy, sorry...) :
	I have a link anchorWithAction and I've put inside a level 2
	In my style method, I use h2:hover to specify the style of my title
when the mouse goes over it.
	This method works on firefox but not on IE...

Thank you per advance for your answers, then I'll begin ajax programming :)

Think about the +1 mister Ducasse ^^

Sébastien GENIER
Technology and Management MS Degree (1st year)
Institute of Management - University of Savoie
Speciality ETSIE
sebastien.genier at etu.univ-savoie.fr

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