[Seaside] does seasideTesting suport liveCallBack?

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Tue May 16 12:51:00 UTC 2006

Burella Juan M. wrote:

> Hi all,
>              I have a component, it uses liveCallback. I want to test
> it. I´m using SeasideTesting, does it suport liveCallBack?.  Somebody
> could test it.
> Thanks in advance.
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No, SeasideTesting knows nothing about Javascript in general or "live
callbacks" in particular.  It might be possible to emulate the live
callback behavior (see SCSimulatedBrowser) without trying to interpret
Javascript but I haven't done it.  I decided that I'd test Javascript
separately using Selenium (http://selenium.thoughtworks.com/index.html)
which uses Javascript and your browser to run your test cases.  A driver
for Squeak is on SqueakSource at
http://www.squeaksource.com/Squelenium.html.  It needs some work before
I would use it on a real system though.  I have been avoiding all but
the simplest Javascript but that may change soon and I will post if I
develop this package any further.  Anyway, you could simply write you
test cases in Selenium and avoid the Squeak driver altogether...


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