[Seaside] Seaside.WATree expand and element position

Dario Trussardi dtrussardi at tiscali.it
Thu May 18 20:51:53 UTC 2006


I work with VW 7.4 and i'am new to seaside.

I'm interested to work with WATree but i found two problem.

A) First problem : WATree expanded
    is possibol to work with WATree not expanded all on the page, but in a "treeView list " with horizontal and vertical  scroll bar ?

  By Lukas  suggestion i think to resolved it with :

        "html div
       style: 'height: 200px; overflow: scroll' ;
          with: tree  " 

For test it i'have  change WAExampleBrowser renderContentOn: method  to:

renderContentOn: html 
  cssId: 'test-forms';
    [html tableRowWith: 
      [html form: 
         selectFromList: self allClasses
         selected: class
         callback: [:c | self class: c].
        html submitButtonWithText: 'OK']]
      [html form: 
         selectFromList: self allSelectors
         selected: selector
         callback: [:s | self selector: s].
        html submitButtonWithText: 'OK']]].
 html horizontalRule.

 (component isKindOf: WATree) 
   [html div
    style: 'height: 200px; width: 200px;  overflow: scroll';
    with: ( component renderTreeOn: html  )]
  ifFalse: [html render: component].

   [html horizontalRule.
    bold: 'Answer ';
    text: answer printString]

Now then i work with WATree the div work fine;
     but under it there is another WATree used by      WATree   selectBlock: [ :class |   component call: (WABrowser fullOnClass: class) ];

What do i do to remove it from interface ?
     ( with new reference for  call :                           WATree   selectBlock: [ :class |  myComponent call: (WABrowser fullOnClass: class) ];
        SelectorWithCalendarExampleSeaside.STDateSelectorExampleSeaside.WABatchedListSeaside.WACounterSeaside.WACounterTreeSeaside.WAInputTestSeaside.WAMiniCalendarSeaside.WAPathSeaside.WASimpleNavigationSeaside.WATree exampleexampleDTRexampleOn:exampleOrg 


  a.. +Object
  a.. +Object

New Session Configure Toggle Halos Terminate XHTML 6 ms

B) Second problem : tree position 

    Now then rendering one WATree it start  always to root of the tree ;
            or to one specific node with lose of upper hierrarchy.

    My question is :
        is possibol display the WATree positioned on one specific node with upper and under hierarchy ?
        or render WATree to the last position node select with upper an under hierarchy ?

Thanks & Regards,

 Dario Trussardi Romano
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