[Seaside] mutual exclusion: WAProcessMonitor critical:ifError

Luc Damas luc.damas at univ-savoie.fr
Fri May 19 07:28:12 UTC 2006

>> Sometimes, seaside does not respond. The process monitor (VW) contains :
>> WAProcessMonitor critical:ifError
>> What is this?
> This happens sometimes as the result of using the debugger for writing 
> code.
> I must confess that I do not know either how to reproduce at will nor 
> how to fix it.

It appears especially when I launch a "complex" process when rendering 
("complex" is long and UI on the server (progress bars)).
It appears when refreshing the page with the navigators'button.
I fork this complex process and it seems to work better! :-)

>> How can I pass through?
> I use this dirty trick to circumvent this issue : in the process 
> monitor, select the process
> that is blocked, and debug it. In the debugger, send #signal to the 
> "mutex" instance variable
> of the WAProcessMonitor object, then resume the process using the "Run" 
> button.
> This should be enough in most cases.

Yes. I did this. I can also kill the process and manually refresh the 
page. But these solutions are available during developpment. When the 
users, far far away with its browser, have a frozen page, he can not 
open the debugger.

Currently searching for a solution...

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